'The game is up', Chief Whip tells Prime Minister 1 month ago

'The game is up', Chief Whip tells Prime Minister

Boris Johnson may have a battle on his hands to make it to the end of the day at this rate

Boris Johnson's days as prime minister look to be numbered after he was hit by a slew of resignations in the wake of the Chris Pincher scandal.


Times reporter Lara Spirit has revealed that Chris Heaton-Harris, the Chief Whip, has told Johnson "the game is up", effectively hammering the final nail into his coffin.


The PM was on the receiving end of a bruising during Prime Minister's Questions today.

Sir Keir Starmer called him a "pathetic spectacle" as he tried to defend his position by dragging up former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.


He was waved at by David Lammy, criticised by his own back benches and was seen wincing as he was confronted over the Pincher allegations.

Watch our reel in full below:


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