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04th Jun 2017

People are expressing their utmost respect to the heroic police officers and paramedics of London

Paul Moore

Police killed suspected terrorists within eight minutes of being called while 80 medics arrived two minutes earlier. They all rushed into danger. Heroes.

At present, seven people have been killed and a further 48 injured in the London Bridge/Borough Market area of the nation’s capital in the third terror attack on Britain in less than three months.

Shortly after 10pm on Saturday, a van drove into a group of pedestrians on London Bridge before three men exited the vehicle and began stabbing innocent victims on the streets and in nearby bars and restaurants.

In eight minutes, armed officers arrived on the scene and all three attackers were shot dead.

Met Police have confirmed that 12 people have since been arrested, but the bravery, fearlessness and professionalism of the first response units – both medical and police – has been widely praised.

Regarding the 80 medical professionals that rushed bravely into imminent danger, the first ambulance crew arrived in just under six minutes to help those innocent victims that were attacked.

Prime Minister Theresa May said police and paramedics had responded with “great courage and great speed”.

While everyone’s thoughts are with those that were killed and injured during these heinous attacks, the speed with which the first response units arrived on the scene, and the level of professionalism from all,  has been commended on social media.

As reported by the BBC, an off-duty policeman, who was one of the first on the scene of the London Bridge terror attack, was stabbed after tackling one of the three attackers.

The officer is in a critical condition after sustaining knife injuries.

In fact, one gentlemen even remarked that “the police were our eyes and ears as we tried to avoid people shooting at us. They kept us safe. As one paramedic was looking after a woman who was sadly lying faced down on the ground, I thought to myself ‘they run at danger, then they turn their back to danger, just so they can save a life that’s in front of while I’m running to save mine.’

“These people seem like they’re the most vulnerable at that point and they did a remarkable thing,” he adds.

This gentleman wasn’t the only person that was quick to praise London’s police and medical professionals.

An emergency number has been put in place for anyone who is concerned for loved ones who may not have returned home on Saturday night while anybody with images or film of the incident, who may be able to assist in the investigation, are urged to upload it at

Casualty bureau line can be contacted at 0800 0961 233


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