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07th Jun 2018

Who should replace Paul Dacre as editor of the Daily Mail? You decide!

Ding dong the witch is dead

Oli Dugmore

Ding dong the witch is dead

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre has announced he is stepping down from the role in November. He has been doing the job for 26 years. It’s hard to find a single individual more responsible for Britain’s modern schisms, cleft by hatchet front pages aimed at the judiciary, women and ethnic minorities. Let alone the more insidious biases evident in the Daily Mail’s broad trends of reportage, like two thirds of the black people pictured in its news and features sections being criminals. A clear discrepancy with the less than one per cent of the UK’s black population who are in prison, and indeed the paper’s equivalent ratio for white subjects.

So, to the question on everyone’s lips. Who will continue Dacre’s legacy of terror?

 With contributions from: Barn Werlan, Wayne Farry, Richard B Cooper and Wil Jones