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04th Nov 2021

January 6 rioter who said she’s ‘definitely not going to jail’ sent to prison

Kieran Galpin

Jenna Ryan

The tweet came back to bite her

Donald Trump fan and Capitol Hill insurrectionist Jenna Ryan was sentenced to 60 days in prison on Thursday (October 28) despite previously tweeting that she was “definitely not going to jail”.

A Texas resident and real estate agent by trade, Ryan flew to Washington DC on a private plane where she then promoted her business as she live-streamed the insurrection on January 6, reports Huffington Post.

US District Judge Christopher Cooper said that although Ryan played a “lesser role in the criminal conduct that took place”, “that does not mean that you don’t have any culpability in what happened that day”.

Ryan had previously tweeted: “blonde hair white skin a great job a great future and I’m not going to jail.”

It turns out she isn’t clairvoyant and is in fact, going to jail.

Cooper said she knew the type of event she was attending and therefore is liable for prosecution.

“I don’t think you could have missed the fact that this was no peaceful protest.

“You were a cheerleader, you cheered it on.”

Jenna Ryan

Ryan, who faced four charges, pleaded guilty to one misdemeanour count, where she admitted she “paraded, demonstrated, or picketed” inside the Capitol Building.

In a letter addressed to Judge Cooper, Ryan sought to downplay her actions that day.

“Some actions I took that day were good,” she wrote. “I came to DC to protest the election results. I wanted my voice to be heard. My only weapon was my voice and my cell phone.”

She denied in the letter that her tweet indicated her belief that she was above the law.

“I wasn’t saying I was above prison, I just felt that it would be unlikely since I was pleading to entering the Capitol for 2 minutes and 8 seconds. Now I realize that was a false notion, but having a false notion does not automatically mean I deserve incarceration,” she wrote.

“A tweet of me taking up for myself against a bully who is harassing me does not indicate that I feel above-the-law.”

Cooper suggested that Ryan choose more carefully the news outlets she relies on.

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