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20th Jul 2022

Boris Johnson signs off final PMQs as Tory leader with ‘Hasta la vista, baby’

Jack Peat

The PM capped off a typically gruelling session with a defiant farewell 

Boris Johnson concluded his final PMQs as Tory leader by imparting a few words of advice to his successor.

Advising them not to listen to Twitter (nor the Treasury, for that matter) the outgoing leader said it is “the people that sent us here” in typically Trumpian closing remarks.

Johnson endured a testing final Commons appearance, seemingly ignoring pleas from the Speaker to keep things civilised and focus on “issues and policies rather than personalities”.

He called Sir Keir Starmer a “great pointless human bollard” to cheers and shouts of “more” from Conservative MPs surrounding him.

During his closing statements, Johnson said his mission was “largely accomplished”, thanking the Speaker, his own MPs and giving a brief nod to the leader of the opposition, who he did not name.

He then channelled the Terminator: “I want to thank everybody here and hasta la vista, baby, thank you.”

As he sat down, he was cheered roundly by his colleagues who rose to their feet to give him a round of applause.

He was then followed closely out of the chamber by his most loyal confidant.

You’ll probably guess who that is.

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