German paper mocks 'der Englische' with savage cartoon 2 years ago

German paper mocks 'der Englische' with savage cartoon

Well, this is where we're up to

A German political cartoon has bodied the government's approach to Brexit and with it the country.


'Der Englische Patient,' a reference to the nine-time Oscar-winning film The English Patient, depicts a man charging his head into a brick wall, arse aloft.

Meanwhile, a nurse holds open a door bearing a sign simply reading 'EU.'

It is of little surprise that the UK is the object of such derision but the imagery here is particularly brutal.

Can you blame them as we stand at the end of this long and embarrassing road?

Talks between the Labour party and Theresa May's Conservative government have broken down. Cross-party talks that should have happened more than two years ago.

Instead the prime minister threw away her majority, hamstringing her vision of a hard Brexit from the get go. Her draft withdrawal agreement crushed three times in the House of Commons, by colossal and historic margins, as a result.


Parliament opted to seize control of Commons business and hold a series of indicative votes, looking for a compromise option to beat the deadlock. As yet, nothing from no deal to a second referendum has been able to carry a majority.

And that's just the last three months.

The government has also been found in contempt of parliament. For the first time ever.

At present, the country is due to leave the EU on 12 April without any agreed deal.

We're now seeking an extension until the end of June and, therefore, could end up contesting the European elections on May 23.


Here we are, arses aloft, ceaselessly ramming our heads into the Brexit brickwork.