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04th Nov 2018

Downing Street denies ‘secret Brexit deal’ reports

They would wouldn't they

Oli Dugmore

They would wouldn’t they

Theresa May has apparently worked out a secret deal with Brussels which will keep the UK in a temporary customs union with the EU.

This would also completely avoid the need for a “backstop” solution, which would have seen a hard border return between the Republic Of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Instead, the EU would accept that regulatory checks on goods can be carried out in factories and shops rather than at the border.

A report by The Sunday Times revealed that preparations for this deals are “far more advanced than previously disclosed,” eventually leading to a document of around 50 pages being published.

But No 10 have rejected the story as “speculation” and denied that Theresa May had secured a deal keeping Britain in the customs union.

Downing Street said “negotiations are ongoing”:

“This is all speculation. The prime minister has been clear that we are making good progress on the future relationship and 95 percent of the withdrawal agreement is now settled and negotiations are ongoing.”