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25th Jul 2019

Demonstrators party and protest in London against Boris Johnson

They chanted 'fuck the government, fuck Boris' in between sipping on tinnies

Oli Dugmore

Boris Johnson protesters in London

They chanted ‘fuck the government, fuck Boris’ in between sipping on tinnies

Thousands of protesters turned up in central London as Boris Johnson assumed office and occupancy of 10 Downing Street.

Demonstrations felt like a mini Notting Hill carnival, with grime bangers the soundtrack to dancing and speeches, including from shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

Those present said they think Johnson is “racist” and “homophobic.”

Ash Sarkar, a journalist from Novara Media, said: “I don’t know if Boris Johnson himself is racist or if he’s homophobic.

“All I know is that he’s written a lot of racist and homophobic things, that racists and homophobes tend to really like him.

“So make of that what you will.”