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20th Jan 2022

Confusion as Boris ditches face masks but Sajid Javid says he’ll still wear one

Kieran Galpin

Sajid Javid

‘I don’t know most of those people and so I think that would be sensible’

Despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing the end of face masks is fast approaching, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has revealed he will still continue to wear one when he goes shopping.

The health secretary, who took over from Matt Hancock last year, was accused of sending “mixed” messages to the public as we approach the end of mandatory mask-wearing.

Javid was quizzed on BBC Breakfast regarding the rule change and said he would wear a mask “Because prevalence is still high and there will be people there.”

He added: “Especially if I am going to my local shop, which is small and enclosed and can have quite a few people in there at one time in quite a small space.

“I don’t know most of those people and so I think that would be sensible.”

While many would accuse the health secretary of sending mixed messages, Johnson himself spoke on the individual’s need to assess situations and decide whether they should wear a mask.

Javid also said it would be “sensible” to wear a mask on the tube as it’s “quite an enclosed space.”

He added: “People will be asked to make their own personal judgment just as we do in fighting flu.”

Explaining that it’s the public’s responsibility to “make that decision”, Javid seemed hopeful that the British people would continue to respond positively.

Johnson also revealed that the “work from home” advice is to be scrapped, meaning offices across the country will be bustling with people again. However, since the start of the pandemic, more fluid work options are becoming prevalent.

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