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04th Feb 2020

Brexiteers have won, what do they want now?

Oli Dugmore

The UK is out of the EU, so what next?

On Sunday, the United Kingdom left the European Union, becoming the first state to do so and leaving 27 member states behind. For years, Brexit has been all that most people have been able to talk about on this weird little island. It has dominated headlines and airwaves, provoking debate and anger, jubilation and despair.

But what do you do when you finally get everything you’ve ever wanted? What happens when your political hopes and dreams all come true with the passage of time from 10.59pm to 11pm? What do you do then?

With Brexit now done (bar the small task of negotiating trade deals over the next few years) we took to the streets to ask the people of Britain a very simple question: what do you want now?