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09th Dec 2019

Boris Johnson won’t face Andrew Neil – but do the public care?

Oli Dugmore

Each leader of Britain’s major parties has done it

Can a leader be expected to fulfil their campaign promises if they can’t even bring themselves to be interviewed by a journalist? Do the two have any bearing on each other?

This is a question a number of voters in the United Kingdom have begun to ask themselves in light of Boris Johnson’s refusal to be interviewed by the BBC’s notoriously sharp-tongued Andrew Neil.

Neil has already interviewed Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn in an exchange that many deemed hugely damaging for the opposition leader. In light of Johnson’s refusal to do the same, though, that perception has partly changed to one of, at the very least, respect for agreeing to sit down with Neil.

We went to Gravesend to find out if the public care at all about Boris Johson dodging the big BBC interview and whether or not it will affect his chances in the election.