Watch Boris Johnson's priceless reaction as Sky News tell him he's 'deluded' 3 months ago

Watch Boris Johnson's priceless reaction as Sky News tell him he's 'deluded'

'Just as she rides off on her unicorn to Brussels'

On Tuesday evening, MPs in Westminster backed Theresa May's "alternative arrangements" to replace the Irish backstop in the Brexit plan.

The proposal had the support of her cabinet and won by 16 votes. Elsewhere, MPs voted against a proposal to delay Brexit in order to prevent the UK leaving without a withdrawal deal.

On the issue of the backstop, the British prime minister had urged MPs to vote in favour of her plan and in doing so, it gives her a mandate to return to Brussels and re-open negotiations in order to secure a "legally binding change".

However, as has been maintained throughout the negotiations, the EU has said it will not change the legal text that was agreed with May and that the withdrawal agreement is "not open for re-negotiation".

During a live interview with Beth Rigby on Sky News, Boris Johnson was discussing the latest developments and said that May can now "go to Brussels and get the freedom clause that the UK needs."

At this point, Rigby makes Johnson aware of the following statement that was released from the European Council president, Donald Tusk: "We welcome and share the UK Parliament's ambition to avoid a no-deal scenario. We continue to urge the UK government to clarify its intentions with respect to its next steps as soon as possible.

"The withdrawal agreement is and remains the best and only way to ensure an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. The backstop is part of the Withdrawal Agreement, and the Withdrawal Agreement is not open for re-negotiation."

The delivery of a couple of lines by Rigby - "just as she [Theresa May] rides off on her unicorn to Brussels" and "you lot are deluded, it's not happening" - are particularly good.

At this point, Johnson states his belief that "the EU has every incentive to give us the deal we need."

The Irish government, meanwhile, has reiterated its position that the Withdrawal Agreement "is not open for re-negotiation."

"The EU position on the withdrawal agreement, including the backstop, is set out in the conclusions of the December meeting of the European Council," read a statement issued on Tuesday night.

"It has not changed. The agreement is a carefully negotiated compromise, which balances the UK position on customs and the single market with avoiding a hard border and protecting the integrity of the EU customs union and single market.

"The best way to ensure an orderly withdrawal is to ratify this agreement."

Here's Johnson's interview with Sky News.