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06th Nov 2018

Biggest poll since Brexit shows Remain would now win by 8 per cent

20,000 people were surveyed

Oli Dugmore

20,000 people were surveyed

A majority of UK voters would choose to Remain if there was another referendum on EU membership, the biggest poll since 2016’s result has shown.

Survation asked 20,000 people about their voting intentions and general Brexit feels for Channel 4. It indicated that 105 local authority areas that previously supported Leave would now choose to Remain and the overall result would be a Remain win, 54 per cent to 46.

Channel Four said it used a “multi-level” modelling technique which successfully predicted the 2017 general election result.

This method showed that pro-Brexit sentiment has fallen most significantly in the local authority areas that saw the highest vote share for Leave in 2016.

It also found that if the UK fails to secure a deal on its departure from the EU a majority of voters would support staying in the EU, even if only temporarily.

In that scenario the poll showed 35 per cent of people would want Britain to remain in the EU, 36 per cent would still support leaving and 19 per cent would support a delay on the process.