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13th Nov 2018

Andrew Neil deletes tweet calling Carole Cadwalladr ‘mad cat woman’


Oli Dugmore


BBC attack dog Andrew Neil was forced to delete an “inappropriate” tweet about Carole Cadwalladr.

The presenter, ardent Brexiter and chairman of the Spectator tweeted in the night that Cadwalladr was a “mad cat woman.”

Cadwalladr writes for the Observer and Guardian. Her reports have been instrumental in scrutinising Brexit, its legitimacy and the behaviour of key individuals that campaigned for it. She is award-winning, most pertinently for exposing the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but has here been subject to sexist abuse.

In a now-deleted, late night tweet Neil said: “Nothing compared with having to deal with mad cat woman from Simpson’s, Karol Kodswallop”

Can’t imagine what we has doing up until 3.15am that prompted him to tweet as much.

Well, he obviously regrets it because, it’s been deleted and has since said he “recognises it was inappropriate.”

Andrew, Andrew, Andrew.

Cadwalladr has since complained, writing: “4 days ago, I wrote to the BBC re its role in amplifying Arron Banks’ harassment campaign against me. I cited Neil’s tweets. This isn’t just sexist & unfunny. It doesn’t just reveal wider failure to report the story. It betrays the British public. Who are not being told the truth.”

She then said the BBC’s response was “so very inadequate.”