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15th May 2021

Of course Donald Trump is launching his social media platform on July 4


Donald Trump to create his own social media platform on Independence Day


Donald Trump, bless, is aiming to launch his brand new social media platform thingy on July 4, coinciding with America’s Independence Day celebrations.

Donny didn’t take his election defeat to Joe Biden all that well. There wasn’t an awful lot (try as he might) that he could have done about that. But the subsequent Twitter ban he received? Well, that well was long overdue.

The businessman turned commander-in-cheat was subject to plenty of controversies, none more so than his involvement in election rigging – before going on to suggest the Democrats has done the same – and inciting an outright insurrection on the Capitol Building in Washington.

All that being said, it’s safe to say that old tango-face isn’t one to shy away from the headlines, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he is now looking to launch his own social media platform on what is the day of America. He’s done it before don’t forget.

People close to the project say this is only a provisional date so far but it would certainly make a statement fitting of his ego. Just imagine it, him trying to rebrand his cancelling as the reclamation of freedom, as his Independence Day. Megalomania.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, FreeSpace, Skylab Apps and CloutHub are all possible suitors for the social media resurrection – the lattermost of which is said to have already become a haven for Trump fans who, like the man himself, were frozen out of Facebook, Twitter and the like.

The CloutHub’s CEO, Jeff Brain told the WSJ, “We believe that of all the platforms that have come out, we are the right platform for the president”. I think that may say more about the company than it does Trump, Jeff.

Any tech or social media company that decides to reinstall this man’s mouthpiece and allow him to further perpetuate seriously problematic propaganda needs a word. Moreover, any app that describes itself as being built “For Meaningful Civic, Social & Political Engagement” while having the word ‘clout’ in the name needs to think about a serious rebrand.

The disgraced former President has said that he would like to run for office again in 2024 and although we’d hope people would know better by now, his supporters have said they would be happy with his decision and most stories in connection to Donald Trump often require leaving reason and logic at the door.