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02nd Aug 2022

YouTuber claims that FIFA 23 is ‘broken’

Callum Boyle

Not the most glowing review for the game

A YouTuber who worked as part of the EA Design Council has claimed that EA Sports’ FIFA 23 game, set to be released in the coming months, is “broken.”

FIFA 23 will launch on September 30 2022 and will be the final game branded by FIFA, with its partnership with the world governing body coming to an end.

Despite being one of the most popular releases every year, there are often widespread complaints about the gameplay that players experience, with many complaining of several bugs they encounter throughout the year.

The game is ‘broken’ according to YouTuber

Every time there’s a new release, there’s fresh optimism that those errors have been fixed but one YouTuber has given a damning insight into the way the game works and from the sounds of it, FIFA 23 isn’t going to be any better.

Jake Barford – who goes by the online name of BFordLancer48 – posted a thread to Twitter on Monday in which he revealed he had been a member of the EA Design council the past two years.

In that role Barford would talk to developers and community managers, as well as visiting the EA studios in Vancouver, Canada, to meet with those who make the game in person.

Barford said that from what he saw, the hotly-anticipated game is “broken” and that “the basic foundational code of the game is too old and also has been built on top of for too long to be fixed.”

Many of those who worked on the original coding for the game are also no longer working for the company, meaning that it isn’t an overnight job to fix it.

In turn this makes even the easiest of tasks very difficult. One example Barford provides is making the pro clubs game mode a cross-platform option.

Is there hope for future editions of the game?

The game itself needs a complete overhaul according to the YouTuber however he rightly points out that EA are reluctant to risk investing money into other areas of the game when FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) already makes them an endless pot.

But for all of the negativity, Barford believes that future editions of the game will be a lot better – partly because they will no longer have FIFA as a license holder.

This means that the world governing body can influence a lot of what happens in the game. Without them in the conversation, EA could have the tools to go on and make the game more enjoyable for all of its consumers, and not just a certain percentage of players.

It remains to be seen if that will happen but for now, it’s not the most glowing review of one of the most recognisable console games around the world.

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