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25th Aug 2015

You won’t guess the best place to live in the UK in a million years.


Whenever a list ranking the best and worst places to live in is announced, there’s always a few surprises. This one is no different.

Thanks to a new analysis from Totally Money, the Lancashire town of Blackburn sits at the top of a list of 64 towns and cities.

Based on a comparison between median wages to mortgage repayments, cost of living, and the health of job markets, the study also placed Gloucester at the opposite end of the rankings.

Top 10 best places to live in the UK

1 Blackburn

2 Derby

3 Cambridge

4 Sunderland

5 Milton Keynes

6 Coventry

7 Warrington

8 Bolton

9 Nottingham

10 Peterborough

And if your town doesn’t make the top 10, maybe it features in the bottom 10…

The 10 worst places to live

55 Grimsby

56 Huddersfield

57 Swindon

58 Hull

59 Norwich

60 Burnley

61 Newport

62 Blackpool

63 Rochdale

64 Gloucester

We’re sure you’ll all have plenty to say about this one.

H/T The Independent