You can now get paid £3,500 to watch Love Island 10 months ago

You can now get paid £3,500 to watch Love Island

The role involves creating engaging content about the show so that other fans can get the "inside scoop."

A leading platform for online communities and fandoms is looking for a Love Island megafan to write about the current series, as its first "Love Island Investigator and Editor."


The role will involve the fan binge watching the entire current season and writing relevant content for

The successful candidate will need to catch up on every episode so far and investigate all the show's "gossip" and news.

They will be expected to work three hours a day, watching the show, consuming all the latest Love Island content and gossip, following relevant social media conversations, and investigating the incidents and fallout after each episode.


You may not be surprised to hear that no qualifications are required for the role, but candidates are expected to have good written English skills, a great knowledge of the series' history, and possible tactics that contestants could be using to get far in the competition.

And for all this work and Love Island-watching, you'll be rewarded with £3,599.

The closing date for the petition is August 12, and you'd be starting immediately in the role. The current and seventh season of Love Island started late June and will be airing until 23rd August.

Candidates also need to be aged 18 or over, have strong digital literacy and investigative skills, and of course need to be social media savvy.

Advertisement have confirmed that whilst this year the job will be on a project basis, there could be future opportunities to create content for upcoming Love Island seasons alongside other reality shows.

So if this sounds like your absolute dream, then you can find out more here.

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