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27th Aug 2015

You can actually be allergic to Wi-Fi, according to this French court…


Ben Kenyon

We’ve heard a lot of things in our time, but this is a new one to us.

A court in France has recognised a woman’s ‘allergy to Wi-Fi’ as an actual medical disorder.

Marine Richard convinced a judge in Marseilles that she has electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) which supposedly causes sufferers severe discomfort when around Wi-Fi, mobile phones and TVs.


Now the condition hasn’t formally been substantiated by doctors, but the 39-year-old claimed that it forced her to retire from urban areas completely to avoid Wi-Fi.

In a first in France (and possibly anywhere else) she was awarded a £500-a-month disability allowance from the state.

The Independent reported Ms Richard, who now lives in a barn without electricity in rural France, as saying: “This is a breakthrough.”

We presume this brief statement wasn’t posted on her Facebook.