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06th May 2022

Worker killed after getting trapped in bread machine just days after woman died in similar accident

Simon Bland


The woman was trapped in the machine for up to an hour before she was finally freed

A woman in America tragically died after becoming trapped in an industrial bread machine just a few weeks after a similar incident took place in the same state.

According to reports, the incident happened in Selma, North Carolina, earlier this week when 44-year-old Virginia López Severiano was cleaning an industrial food mixer located at Azteca Market.

As per the New York Post and other outlets, López Severiano somehow got half of her body trapped within the machine and was stuck for over an hour before first responders arrived on Tuesday morning, taking around 90 minutes to finally set her free.

Despite being air lifted to Duke University Hospital upon her release, López Severiano sadly died from her injuries later that night.


In a strange twist, this marks the second industrial-machine related death in the state in a matter of weeks, arriving just over a fortnight after a woman was reportedly crushed to death after “something went wrong” while she was operating a bread machine in food factory Automatic Rolls, as per the New York Post.

Speaking to local news outlet WNCN, officials from the Selma Fire Department discussed their efforts to free López Severiano, explaining that they “basically took the machine apart in order to get the woman out.”

Those working to free her continued to discuss their efforts with the media, with Fire Chief Phillip McDaniel explaining to WRAL that he and his team were forced to use “small tools” to complete the “tedious process” of setting her free – even revealing that the machine was reportedly on when López Severiano became stuck.

In the days since this freak accident took place, a GoFundMe page has been set up to gather donations that will go towards helping López Severiano’s daughter Miriam Amado-López and her family during this difficult time.

The page explains that López Severiano “gained her wings… due to an accident at her workplace.

“She was a very loved person by the community. Every single penny will be going directly to [the family].”

As of writing, the fund has more than doubled its $5,000 goal – gathering more $10,179 and counting.

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