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06th Nov 2023

Woman who claims she’s dating ‘hottest man alive’ makes boyfriend go viral


She’s not sure why he’s into her

Everyone loves when their partner gushes about them. Being the object of someone’s affections is a lovely thing.

But one woman has taken the compliments she gives to her partner to a whole new level, stating that her boyfriend is the ‘hottest man alive’.

That’s some statement.

Nadya Okamoto (@nadyaokamoto) took to social media to show off her boyfriend’s good looks, and to express her disbelief that she managed to bag ‘the hottest man alive’.

The video has garnered over four million views and showcases her partner Henry, as Nadya says nobody can convince her he isn’t the hottest man on the planet.

Nadya, co-founder of sustainable period product August, questioned why Henry would be into her, given his superlative good looks.

“Like every single day, I’m blown away by how f***ing hot this man is. And he’s into me?!”

Nadya and Henry have reportedly been together for four years.


Missing Henry since I’ve been away for the last week 🥹

♬ original sound – paige 🌞

Many agreed with her assessment of Henry’s attractiveness, with one commenter remarking: “Yes girl, you won, not going to lie.”

But many also reassured Nadya that she was in no way punching.

Let’s just hope they have a better relationship than the woman whose boyfriend, who earns three times more than her, expects her to pay half for everything and even asks her for petrol money.

This woman posted on UK parenting forum Mumsnet, to ask if she should be “wary” of the man she has been dating, or was being “unfair”. The man, she said, was nearly 50.

The woman said she found the man’s behaviour strange, but commenters were divided about whether it was an issue or not. Some suggested she should pay her way – despite the difference in earnings – others said her beau sounded “tight.”