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01st May 2016

Woman in US arrested after two toddlers found chained up in back yard

The details of this case are shocking

Cathy Donohue

A woman has been arrested in San Antonio, Texas after two children were found chained up in her back yard.

NBC News reports that deputies went to the house on Thursday night after a neighbour called with a report of a child crying.

On arrival at the property, they found two toddlers, aged 2 and 3 respectively, imprisoned in the back yard.

According to the publication, one was tied up in chains while another was tied to the door with a dog leash.

Six other children, aged between ten months and 13 years, were found inside the house.

The mother of the six children inside the house was arrested when she arrived home on Friday morning.

The woman has been detained by police as she was reportedly responsible for the care of the two children found tied up, and she now faces “two charges of injury to a child by omission with serious bodily injury”.

The children found outside the home remain in hospital care, while the other six children are being looked after by Texas Child Protective Services.

Speaking about the incident, the sheriff’s office spokesman James Keith said:

“This is a sick, disturbing, horrific crime. Investigators are also working to track down the parent(s) of the two children who were found outside. We will dedicate every ounce of energy to making sure that those responsible are held accountable and that these children are never harmed again” continued James.

Video via YouTube: Recent Items and image via NBC News