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04th Jul 2023

Woman from house in middle of M62 motorway says noise is ‘grating’


‘It’s the sort of thing that if you are having a bad day the noise is the last straw’

A woman living in the middle of the M62 motorway has revealed the constant traffic does impact her, “as I’m quite noise sensitive”.

Married couple Jill Falkingham and Paul Thorp, and their son, John-William made Stott Hall Farm their home after its previous owner, Ken Wild, passed away.

The house, built in the 18th century on Moss Moor, is located between the eastbound and westbound carriageways of the M62 motorway in Calderdale and is the farm in the UK situated in the middle of a motorway.

The property is separated between junctions 22 and 23 and its been suggested the road divides because Wild and his wife, Beth, refused to sell. But, in fact, the surrounding geography just wasn’t suitable. The land was just too steep to hold the motorway.

Paul moved into the home in 2008, then Jill joined him the following year, with the pair working together as sheep farmers.

Speaking previously about her experience at the property, Jill said it was “seriously dated” when they moved in, but has since been transformed into a family home – albeit one that’s straddled by motorways.

As part of the renovation, the couple took steps to minimise road noise, with Jill explaining: “We have treble glazing and it’s no different to living anywhere that has a road.”

While Paul has no trouble with the motorway rumble, Jill is far more sensitive and it does “grate on me”.

“The noise does affect me as I am quite noise sensitive,” she explained.

“It’s the sort of thing that if you are having a bad day the noise is the last straw,” Jill said.

“But it’s not going away.”

In the grand scheme of things, Jill said the M62 was actually “the least of [their] challenges” due to the land the farm is built on.

“The grass doesn’t grow because we are so high up and it’s so cold,” she explained, but the farmer was still very satisfied with the unusual home.

“A lot of people say it’s bleak and like Wuthering Heights but I don’t see it like that,” Jill said. “I think it’s beautiful.”

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