Woman divides internet by moaning about cleaner using her Nespressos instead of instant 3 months ago

Woman divides internet by moaning about cleaner using her Nespressos instead of instant

'You're sufficiently well off to hire a cleaner yet you're whining about a 50p coffee capsule!!'

A mum has been slammed online after complaining that her cleaner uses her Nespresso coffee capsules instead of the cheaper instant coffee.


In a post on Mumsnet, the woman explained how she noticed they were going through Nespresso capsules particularly quickly, and found out her cleaner had been using them.

She explained that she provides tea and instant coffee for the cleaner to drink, and wanted advice on how to address the problem.

The woman wrote: "We have a cleaner who comes in on a daily basis and obviously we have tea and instant coffee, which we keep in our home and provide for her to drink.


"However I noticed we are going through nespresso capsules quickly and then I realized she has nespresso(s) daily when she works. My husband does drink coffee and I’m the only one that drinks it and as a treat, even it home.

"Aibu [am I being unreasonable] to address this with cleaner?

"I tried to hide a sleeve with some capsules in, she found it and had a couple while emptying the rest into the nespresso jar."

Several pointed out the hypocrisy of the woman for being able to afford a cleaner but being concerned about having to buy more Nespresso pods.


One person said that the post "must be a windup," adding: "You're sufficiently well off to hire a cleaner, and a daily one at that, yet you're whining about a 50p coffee capsule!!"

A second echoed this sentiment, writing: "If you can afford/are the type of people who have a daily cleaner you can definitely afford nespresso."


A third said they "couldn't begrudge my cleaner a nice coffee."

A fourth simply labelled her "stingy."

Others seemed to understand where the woman was coming from though.

One woman responded that "having a couple is different from having one" and that if it "was several every time I can see why it's annoying."


And a second suggested that the cleaner was stealing the pods, writing: "Am I the only one wondering if the cleaner steals pods to take home? Several a day (3+?) doesn't make sense."

Another said that it's not the pods the woman should be worried about, but the number of coffee breaks the cleaner is taking when they're "supposed to be cleaning your home."

They added: "The cleaner comes every day. Your home must be very clean so may not be as busy as you think? Or is your husband working from home maybe they have coffee breaks together."

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