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30th Dec 2021

Witches curse US lawmaker for voting down Joe Biden’s spending bill

Charlie Herbert

Witches curse US lawmaker

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin announced his opposition to Biden’s bill

A coven of witches in the US have cursed a senator for opposing one of President Joe Biden’s spending bills.

The witches called for others to join them at a famous tree in Kentucky to cast a spell on West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

It’s after he confirmed he would not support the president’s bill that aims to provide $2.2 trillion (£1.6 trillion) for a variety of social benefits.

The Build Back Better Act would provide money to fight climate change, subsidise childcare and lower the cost of prescription drugs.

Manchin is a crucial player in deciding whether the bill gets through the US Senate.

So on a local witches Facebook page, the coven invited others to join them at The Witches’ Tree on December 21 to curse Manchin.

The Witches’ Tree is a landmark in Old Louisville that has become a source of local legends involving witches and witchcraft, according to CityBeat.

The invitation calls for fellow witches to arrive at the tree, located at the corner of Park Avenue and Sixth streets at 7pm, wearing “Casual Witch” dress, aka, a cape with a hood. They must also bring a lantern and a sprig of evergreen.

And there was a pre-curse drinks party at a local bar, because, as we all know, “Brew always makes for better curses.”

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