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16th Aug 2019

Will #KnifeFree chicken shop boxes solve knife crime?

Wayne Farry

Knife crime is one of the biggest problems facing the UK currently

Crimes involving knives are at their highest level since the Second World War, with 43,516 knife crime offences being recorded in the United Kingdom for the year ending March 2019.

London in particular is an area that many consider to be the epicentre of knife crime in the UK, and it is a situation that has led the Home Office to try out a new initiative that has been criticised heavily since they announced it earlier this week.

That initiative is #KnifeFree boxes for chicken shops, which will replace the customary boxes in which food is served.

Inside the boxes are a number of selected stories about knife crime from people that have experienced it first hand.

But is it a good idea? Will it actually do any good? And is it racist, for exclusively selecting fast food outlets that cater predominantly for lower income people of colour? We went to a chicken shop to find out what people think.