What happens next after Prince Philip's death? 1 year ago

What happens next after Prince Philip's death?

The passing of any Royal is always a significant moment, but what exactly can we expect after Prince Philip's death?

Well, first off: the funeral.


The funeral

It is believed that the Duke of Edinburgh's wishes were to receive a "no-fuss" funeral, so instead of a state affair - as seen for the likes of the Queen Mother and Princess Diana - Prince Philip will receive a royal ceremonial funeral.

While this does not mean he won't receive some form of public commemoration, he will not follow suit in receiving the traditional state funeral conducted at Westminster Abbey. However, with the current Covid-19 and lockdown restrictions, it remains unclear as to how either of these will play out, if at all.


The current government guidance is that no more than 30 people can attend a funeral: while this is completely possible for the Duke's immediate family - i.e. the Queen, his son Prince Charles, William, Harry and so on - any public memorials are likely off the table

Bodies will often 'lie in state' under normal circumstances too, allowing people to publicly pay their respects; however, once again, Covid restrictions will likely mean this does not occur and the funeral itself will probably be moved up.

National Mourning

As with any senior Royal's passing, Britain will officially enter a state of national mourning. This is, essentially, is time for the country to reflect on the individuals passing.


This can often include the following:

  • Flags being lowered to half-mast outside significant buildings around the nation
  • Members of Parliament wearing black ties and/or black armbands
  • Businesses scaling back operations
  • Days off work/national holidays can be announced

As for his wife, Queen Elizabeth II herself, she will enter a period of mourning of up anywhere between 8-30 days, where she will not conduct any Royal duties or affairs of state - nor will any legislation be given the usual royal assent.

The burial


As already confirmed, Prince Philip is expected to be buried in Frogmore Estate in Windsor Castle - it is the official Royal Burial Ground where many past monarchs and members have been buried.

Most consorts are usually buried in Westminster Abbey or St George's Chapel, but the Queen is likely to want her husband's body lain where she is set to set to be buried on the day she dies.