Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin wants to turn Buckingham Palace into pub now Queen has left 3 months ago

Wetherspoons boss Tim Martin wants to turn Buckingham Palace into pub now Queen has left

Her Majesty would always be welcome for a drink apparently

Tim Martin has said that he would like to turn some of Buckingham Palace into a Wetherspoons now that the Queen has left her London residence.


Speaking to MyLondon, the Wetherspoons founder said the Queen moving out of London was the "perfect opportunity for Timbo."

He continued: “I wouldn't even insist on taking over the whole of Buckingham Palace, I’d just take a section and a bit of garden. The Royal Family could earn a bit of income and I could feature in the Trooping the Colour.

“She likes a sherbert, so I’ve heard on the grapevine."


He said that the Queen would always be welcome to pop in for a drink and that Her Majesty "likes a sherbert, so I've heard on the grapevine."

Martin added that people could "come in, look around", and that he would "preserve the old features of the palace."

It was reported earlier this year that the Queen has no plans to return to Buckingham Palace, having spent the entirety of the pandemic at Windsor Palace.

Martin insists he would only want 'a section and a bit of the garden' from the famous palace (Stuart C. Wilson/Getty)

This means the next royals to move into the London residence will be Charles and Camilla, when Charles becomes king.

Martin doesn't plan on settling with the palace though, saying that he'd also like to turn the House of Lords into a boozer as well.

The famous Brexiteer also claimed that he had never drunk at home before lockdown, describing the pub as a "social place, a melting pot for communities."


He added that without pubs, people "tend to stick to their own tight little circles, which isn't as good and not good as a country."

This is part of the reason why Martin believes in keeping prices at his pubs low, so that people from all walks of life can afford to drink and socialise there.

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