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23rd May 2017

West Ham’s co-owner has found the homeless hero in Manchester to reward his wonderful act

Paul Moore

Steve’s heroism has provided some hope on a terrible day.

In such uncertain times, there’s one thing that’s reassuring and it’s an old adage that every single person has heard from their parents.

‘No good deed goes unrewarded’ and after about hearing the heroism, kindness and decency that this gentleman named Steve showed in Manchester, we’re delighted to say that his story will have a relatively happy ending, especially on this day of despair and sadness.

As you may have seen, Steve’s personal account of helping those in need after the fatal attacks in Manchester has been widely embraced by the British public.

Yet again, we’re stressing the fact that so many people have been heroes in the aftermath of such a horrific event – NHS staff, taxi drivers, police officers, paramedics, ‘normal’ members of the public – but Steve’s act of kindness and decency has resonated with everyone that heard it because he undoubtedly provided some degree of hope and optimism during these difficult times.

West Ham co-owner David Sullivan was a guest on BBC Radio 5 where he made a public appeal to find Steve because he wanted to provide him with six-months free shelter and a bit of money “to help him out.”

In what’s a magnificent display of the benefits that social media can bring- along with an unbreakable sense of community, compassion and human kindness from the public – Steve has been found and we wish him the very best.

David Sullivan Jr has confirmed the news which was also shared via the West Ham United official Twitter account.