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04th Jul 2018

WATCH: Woman tries to hand-feed a shark, obviously gets bitten

We can't speak for you, but we've never had the temptation to hand-feed a shark

Rudi Kinsella

We can’t speak for you, but we’ve never had the temptation to hand-feed a shark

There’s some things that you shouldn’t have to be told not to do.

Hand-feeding a shark is fairly high up on that list. It’s almost as crazy as, well, hand-feeding a shark.

Here’s a fairly scary video of a woman bending over to feed a shark in the ocean, and the shark bites her hand. Obviously.

How did she think this would ever end well?

The lucky woman escaped with a fracture and a torn ligament, which is somewhat of a miracle as far as we’re concerned.

According to CNN she said that the shark’s mouth was ‘like a hoover’.

She is still taking antibiotics following an operation to repair her broken finger, and said that she has learnt to “respect marine life and look at it in awe, but just leave them alone”.

Good shout.