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09th Nov 2015

Watch what happened when a Spurs fan approached Arsenal-supporting Jeremy Corbyn at the derby (Video)

We didn't expect this...

Ben Kenyon

It’s no secret that the rivalry between Arsenal and Spurs is one of the biggest in British football.

With the derby over the weekend you could understand that emotions were running high.

But if there’s hope these two warring Premier League factions could have common ground it’s this.

The Labour Leader, who’s had bucket loads of sh*t from not bowing at the Cenotaph (he did) to not wanting to nuke the world out of existence, was approached by a Tottenham fan on derby day.

Rather than berating Corbyn this Spurs fan went and shook his hand and urged him to one day become Prime Minister.

We’re as gobsmacked as you. If this can happen, anything can…

Clip via ViralVidoosS