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17th Nov 2015

Watch Trevor Noah speak emotionally about Paris attacks on The Daily Show

Tom Victor

After events as shocking as the terror attacks in Paris, the mere idea of a topical comedy show is the last thing on people’s minds.

But Trevor Noah, presenter of The Daily Show, responded to the tragedy with remarkable emotion and humanity in the face of truly shocking events.

He opened the show with a heartfelt monologue about the humanity shown by the French public after a weekend of fear and anger.


“One thing that made me smile was that people in Paris showed us that the only way to overcome inhumanity is humanity,” Noah said.

“There are taxis that turned off their meters to get people home for free…lines and lines of people waiting to donate blood [and] the thing that sums it up the most for me was the spontaneous hashtag which was #PorteOuverte.

This is the most terrifying night of people’s lives and they’re opening their doors to random strangers to let them come in and be their refuge. it was amazing to see. To the people of France, we commend you.”