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29th Aug 2016

Gary Lineker caught up in bizarre ‘Zorro’ terror scare at LA Airport

"Shat on Zorro!"

Nooruddean Choudry

Good on Gary for seeing the funny side – we’d have shat ourselves.

Reports of a shooting at LA Airport caused mayhem on Sunday night – until it was confirmed as a false alarm by LA Airport police. We know this partly due to rolling news from the US, but also due to a very famous correspondent – Gary Lineker.

That’s right, the Match Of The Day presenter was on the flight diverted to Las Vegas because of a suspected terror alert – which turned out to be a man dressed as Zorro. We shit you not – that seems to be the long and the short of it.

As Gary explains…

A fellow sports reporter, Ben Smith, backed up the story…

A statement from LA Airport said that “passengers in several LAX terminals self-evacuated onto the tarmac and rushed through federal security screening without being properly screened” after it was reported that shots were fired at the airport.

According to Andy Neiman, Commanding Officer of LAPD Media Relations, the reports of a shooting were proven to be ‘loud noises’ and an investigation was launched in an attempt to determine where the loud noises were coming from.

As Lineker stated, a man in a Zorro costume waving a plastic sword was arrested and detained by police.

All terminals have since been cleared and passengers are proceeding through federal screening security in all terminals; police are searching LAX and are taking all precautions to ensure the safety of the public.

As for Gary, he preempted the predictable responses to his eye-witness account with admirable grace…

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