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09th Oct 2020

WATCH: Daily Show journalist attends Trump rally and the result is pure lunacy

Rudi Kinsella

Every time you think it can’t get weirder, it gets so much weirder.

The Daily Show has had some really special moments over the years. John Oliver on gun control is a particular highlight, as is Jon Stewart on the tragic murder of Eric Garner.

But Jordan Klepper attending a Donald Trump rally is definitely up there with one of the best things the show has done in a long time.

He attended the rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to talk to some of Trump’s biggest supporters, and figure out why they have turned out in their thousands, maskless, in the middle of a pandemic, to see the President.

He asks people why they insist on not wearing a mask, why they don’t believe in Covid at all, and even interviews one woman who believes that the son of JFK is part of Trump’s backroom staff.

And that barely scratches the surface.

We’d go into more detail about what happens in the video, but genuinely, you’re better off just watching it.

It’s as equally hilarious as it is absolutely heartbreaking.

Clip via The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

No words could do it justice.

The US election is due to take place on 3 November.