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02nd Oct 2015

Watch Barack Obama’s powerful speech condemning the mass shooting in Oregon

Conor Heneghan

Tragically, this was the 15th time that Obama has had to respond to a mass shooting in the US during his time as President.

Obama was addressing the nation following a mass shooting at a community college in Oregon that claimed the lives of at least 10 people and leaving another seven people wounded.

After expressing sympathy for the families affected, Obama adopted an angry tone when confronting the fact that this is a regular occurrence in the USA.

“Somehow this has become routine. We’ve become numb to this,” he said.

Clip via YouFirstNews

The President also made a stand against pro-gun lobbyists and associations like the NRA (National Rifle Association) for their refusal to accept that the gun laws that exist in the US have anything to do with the frequent occurrence of mass shootings.

“There is a gun for roughly every man woman and child in America,” Obama added.

“How can you with a straight face make an argument that more guns make us safer?”