Watch a guy monumentally fuck it by knocking over FOUR big-screen TV's 3 years ago

Watch a guy monumentally fuck it by knocking over FOUR big-screen TV's

Oh, mate.

When we first saw this we were convinced it was fake. After several (thirteen) reruns we're still inclined to think it's staged, but only because surely - surely, no man is capable of fucking up looking at a TV quite this badly.

But let's assume that it is legit and not an elaborate publicity stunt for electronics retailer HBH Woolacotts store in St Austell, Cornwall. What you're about to watch is a man somehow managing to knock over not one, not two, definitely not three, but four presumably very expensive big-screen TV's.

Before you press play on the video, which appears to be CCTV footage, observe this shot of the aftermath. You can't see the bloke's face, but you don't need to. Hands on head, gaze fixed on his own carnage. He's fucked it, and doesn't he just know it.

Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 18.08.06

Here's how it went down: the clumsiest man in Cornwall walks over to inspect a TV, kneels down and accidentally tips it backwards. That TV dominoes into another, and recoiling in shock at what he'd just done, the guy backs into another TV which does exactly the same thing.


According to West Briton, over £5,000 worth of smart TV's were damaged, but management wouldn't confirm whether the customers had contributed towards any repair or replacement costs.

A shopping trip to forget.

Images via HBH Woolacotts/YouTube

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