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05th May 2015

Video: The Rock’s blockbuster disaster movie ‘San Andreas’ looks epic in this new trailer…

Because when s**t gets real, you call The Rock in...

Ben Kenyon

This. Looks. Epic.

The new trailer for The Rock’s action thriller San Andreas has landed from Warner Bros…and it looks seriously dramatic – even for a disaster movie.

Dwayne Johnson stars in the big budget blockbuster alongside Paul Giamatti (Cinderella Man), Carla Gugino (Entourage), Alexandra Daddario (True Detective) and Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four) – and JOE likes the look of it.

The premise involves a shift in California’s San Andreas Fault, which triggers a magnitude 9 earthquake
ripping through the West Coast.

Cue unimaginable devastation – skyscrapers falling, dams cracking, holes swallowing up towns and a huge tsunami engulfing the Western seaboard.

S**t gets real.

But Johnson, who is a decorated search and rescue helicopter pilot, has to fight his way from LA to San Francisco with his estranged wife to save their only daughter.

The film, directed by Brad Peyton, hits UK cinemas on May 28.