Vicar sews his own mouth shut in protest of Rupert Murdoch 1 year ago

Vicar sews his own mouth shut in protest of Rupert Murdoch

He has described Murdoch as "the most destructive man in the history of the planet"

A British vicar has sewn his lips shut in protest against Rupert Murdoch and News Corp.


Reverend Tim Hewes stood outside the News Corp offices in London as part of a Christian Climate Action protest.

Speaking through the group, the reverend explained why he had taken the extreme action.

He said: "I have sewn up my lips to demonstrate the terrible havoc Rupert Murdoch's actions have reaped upon the world and to make this visible.


"Climate science and truth has been muted, those who suffer are not being heard."

He stood outside the offices for two hours before ending his protest.


The group later claimed that News Corp stopped people approaching Reverend Hews, directing them to a side entrance of the offices.

His actions prompted a strong reaction on social media, with people divided.


One person wrote: "Now, that's what I call an authentic spiritual leader. While clergy have sealed their lips for centuries about their global abuse of children & vulnerable adults, one priest, at least, has decided to put lip sealing to good use."

Another said: "While I wholeheartedly agree with the message, I find this seriously disturbing. Does public self-harm count as courageous? I hope he's ok."

A third added: "Tim, this is so courageous, sad this is necessary. Feeling emotional. Your action truly demonstrates the strength of feeling against Murdoch, & the constraints on press speaking truth to power."

This is not the first time that Reverend Hewes has taken extreme action to speak out against causes close to his heart.

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He went to jail for two weeks earlier this year after he glued himself to furniture at the City of London Magistrates' Court. That was also related to a climate change protest and he said dramatic displays like this are needed to grab people's attention and make them listen about the problem.