US Election: Joe Biden projected to have won Georgia 11 months ago

US Election: Joe Biden projected to have won Georgia

And still, it goes on...

Prepare yourself for another day of Donald Trump sending lots of tweets, almost entirely in caps lock.


According to BBC projections, Joe Biden has won the state of Georgia, tightening his grip on a victory in the US Election that Trump so far refuses to acknowledge.

A win in the Peach State would make Biden the first Democratic candidate to claim victory there since Bill Clinton in 1992 and would be enough for him to move to a seemingly unsurmountable* 306 votes in the electoral college.

Trump has made numerous baseless claims of voter fraud in this election, for which there is still no evidence. And on Tuesday night his secretary of state Mike Pompeo ramped up tensions when he said there would be a "smooth transition to a second Trump administration."

Despite this, the former Apprentice and Rumbelows Cup Fifth-Round Draw star did appear close to acknowledging a second term may be beyond him at a press conference on Friday. With Covid-19 cases surging across the States, Trump insisted he would not impose a lockdown to fight the virus, saying: "Whatever happens in the future, who knows which administration it will be. I guess time will tell."

The probably-outgoing president opted against mentioning Biden by name, and didn't field any questions from reporters at the briefing.


Quite possibly the closest he will ever come to admitting defeat.

*Who the hell actually knows anymore?