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09th Feb 2017

US court refuses to reinstate President Trump’s travel ban

The ban was said to be unconstitutional.

Rich Cooper

A federal appeals court in San Fransisco has upheld the suspension of President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban.

The ban restricted travel of persons from seven predominantly Muslim countries and was brought into place through an executive order from the Trump Administration.

The move saw 90-day travel bans implemented and 120-day freezes on refugees entering the US from the seven countries.

Following widespread condemnation from around the world and even within Trump’s own party, a district judge in Washington state issued a temporary suspension of the ban.

Photo: Zach Gibson/Getty Images

The US  Justice Department appealed, arguing that Trump has the power to restrict entry to the United States. However, a panel of three judges on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld the suspension of the ban.

President Trump’s administration claims that the travel ban, which sparked protests and demonstrations worldwide, would make America safer from terrorism, following his campaign promise of “a total and complete shutdown on Muslims entering the United States”.

This ruling does not mark the end of the legal battle, however, as there are currently around 20 lawsuits in action against the executive order that have to be processed through court.