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02nd May 2016

US clothing store got hundreds of racist replies to a tweeted picture of a mixed race family

This is apparently causing "white genocide"

Ellen Tannam

Old Navy is a mid-range clothing store in America, and they recently attracted a lot of attention online because of the responses to a tweet they posted earlier in the week.

The tweet was promoting a special discount event, and depicted an attractive mixed race family. The picture was well lit, nicely composed, and the models looked like they were having a great time.

This innocuous tweet did not sit that well with some people, though – namely those that still believe in the supremacy of white people in America and around the globe.

There were many vitriolic replies to the tweet, saying that it promoted ‘miscegenation’, aka the creation of mixed-race families.

This type of vocabulary is rife in the still-thriving community of white supremacists that exist in the United States and indeed worldwide.

Individuals maintained that they and their families would be boycotting the store.

Some people even made the ludicrous statement that this advertisement was contributing to what they call a “white genocide”.

However, some people used the conversation to celebrate the diversity in their own families:

This type of reaction to media portrayals of mixed race families is sadly nothing new.

Below is an advertisement for Cheerios featuring a mixed-race family that got the same reaction back in 2014.