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01st Jun 2022

‘UK’s most unwanted dog’ has spent more than seven years in kennels and ‘rarely gets asked after’

Steve Hopkins

Monty had a bad start and he’s been waiting a long time for a fresh one

After spending more than seven years waiting for a forever home, Monty the lurcher has become known as one of the UK’s most unwanted dogs.

The poor pooch was taken in by Last Chance Animal Rescue (LCRA), in Edenbridge in 2014, but “rarely gets asked after, sadly”, the organisation says on Monty’s adoption ad.

Because the now eight-year-old dog spent the first year of his life crammed into a crate that was too small for him “for long periods of time”, Monty has developed a hunched back.

Not surprisingly, Monty has trust issues with humans, so needs “someone who can help show him that not everyone is bad”, LCRA writes.

Since being with the rescue centre, Monty has become “very loving towards the staff and loves to have attention and cuddles on the sofa, but of course this has taken time and patience to achieve”.

LCRA said it had to be “frank about his hang-ups”.

“Monty only wants one loving owner, he doesn’t want to share and can become very jealous which may lead to him being aggressive. He is not good with any animals and will bark and pull towards them and needs to be muzzled in public places.”

So, Monty needs a home with no other animals and will need to wear a muzzle in public places.

“Unfortunately, he gets so frustrated that he hits your legs when wanting to get to other dogs, so his new owner needs to be quite strong,” LCRA writes.

“However, since being at Last Chance, Monty can now calmly walk with a dog in sight and not bark or hit your legs but this will take time to achieve in his new home.

“He would never be able to meet or live with dogs but would love a home with someone who can keep up his training and continue the work we have done with him.”

LCRA said Monty loves to chase tennis balls but is yet to learn how to bring them back.

A spokesperson added: “The reason we have had Monty with us for so long is that he is not an easy dog but we are sure there may be someone out there he could call his own and will love him for what he is, a slightly damaged rogue.

“So to sum up we are looking for an adult-only, single-person home with no other pets, lots of patience, love, garden, and tennis balls!”

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