UK to feel the wrath of Storm Freya's 80mph winds 3 years ago

UK to feel the wrath of Storm Freya's 80mph winds

Well that heatwave was fun while it lasted

I hope you all made the most of the recent heatwave, got down to a beer garden and soaked up as much vitamin D as you could, because it's not going to last.


In the coming days, the UK will experience extreme weather of the opposite nature, with a storm looming that the Met Office have named Storm Freya.

The storm will carry winds that could reach 80mph, causing travel disruption and the possibility of dangerous conditions on Sunday continuing into Monday.

A yellow weather warning for wind has been issued and will be in place from 3pm on Sunday through to 6am on Monday, though this could change throughout the week.


This comes immediately after the hottest February the UK has ever had, just in case you needed any confirmation that the planet is fucked beyond repair.

Storm Freya will cover Wales in its entirety, all of south west England, the Midlands and the North and will just about touch the south of  Scotland.