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17th Mar 2021

UK to face ‘significant reduction’ in Covid-19 vaccine supplies from 29 March

Claudia McInerney

The disruption could last up to four weeks

The UK is set to face a “significant reduction” in coronavirus vaccine supplies from 29 March, a letter from NHS England said.

In the letter, NHS England said disruption could last for a month and is partly due to “reductions in national inbound vaccines supply”.

Volumes for first doses of the vaccine are going to be “significantly constrained”, according to NHS England.

The letter has been sent to local vaccination centres across the UK.

This means people under the age of 50 will have to wait a month longer than initially thought before getting their first Covid jab.

In better news, recent figures from the department of health show 25 million Brits have received their first dose of the vaccine.