UK to be hotter than Barcelona on Friday - but heatwave won't last for long 3 months ago

UK to be hotter than Barcelona on Friday - but heatwave won't last for long

Brits have been basking in March sunshine - but April looks less promising

The UK is set to be warmer than Barcelona on Friday, as the country continues to enjoy a mini spring heatwave.


Earlier this week, the mercury hit 20C in some parts of Britain compared to a cooler 16C in Barcelona, and this looks set to continue into the weekend.

Temperatures are predicted to remain in the high teens in much of the country, whilst Barcelona will struggle to get past 15C, and Madrid temperatures will linger around 12C.


The Met Office has warned that for one in five hay fever sufferers the pollen season will start earlier than normal, because of the warm and dry weather.

The Met Office’s Yolanda Clewlow, Relationship Manager for Health and Air Quality Services, said: “The birch pollen season is expected to start earlier than normal this year, with central and southern areas of the UK starting to feel its influence later on this month.

“In addition, the relatively mild winter we saw also opens the possibility of an earlier-than-average oak pollen season – possibly mid-April – and also an earlier grass pollen season, although that will depend on the conditions for the rest of spring.”


However, grass pollen, which is the most common cause of hay fever, is not expected to be starting until later in the year.

For the pollen forecast across the UK for the next five days, click here.

But it doesn't look like the sun will be continuing into next week and beyond though.

The Met Office has played down predictions of an April heatwave, saying that the month is likely to bring "unsettled" weather.


The glorious spring sunshine of recent days had raised hopes of an early 2022 heatwave before the summer.

But meteorologists at the Met Office have said that the fourth month of the year is more likely to bring showers than sunshine.

Giving a medium term forecast from April 7 onwards, the Met Office said: "The weather is likely to turn more unsettled in early April. Showers or longer spells of rain are more likely to be seen across the UK, although short drier and more settled interludes are still possible.


"Showers may be heavy at times, with thunder and hail. Moving into mid-April, there is a trend for a return to more settled weather again, although some rain and showers are still possible in places. Temperatures are likely to be near average, with the south and southeast on the slightly warmer side."

So enjoy the next couple of days, but don't put the big coat away quite yet.

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