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16th Sep 2022

UK homes warned 200 billion daddy long legs could invade in next two weeks

Tobi Akingbade

Here we go again …

Yes, it may be insect season but people in the UK are being urged to keep an eye out for a mass invasion expected to happen in the next two weeks.

Experts have warned that daddy long legs will be inviting themselves into homes in their billions.

The well-known creatures could turn up in large droves after optimum breeding conditions where created thanks to the recent hot weather the country has experienced.

Buglife, the Invertebrate charity,  said that a huge 200 billion of them could appear, reports the Daily Star.

The term ‘daddy long legs’ in fact refers to various types of creepy crawlies, including familiar spindly-legged arachnids called ‘harvestmen’ and ‘cellar.

But have no fear, Daddy long legs though, do not pose any danger to anyone. They are just annoying.

A spokesman for the charity noted: “Although they can cause a bit of bother in homes with their incessant fluttering, they are placid creatures, literally incapable of hurting a fly.”

The charity advised anyone who finds one in their home to catch it and release it outside. Similairly, crane flies are expected to make a flying visit.

The Buglife spokesman added: “And they’re also breakfast, lunch and dinner for birds, bats, amphibians, spiders, other insects, reptiles and fish, which are building up reserves to see them through winter.”

Any of the crane flies that could turn up in homes this month were laid as eggs last autumn before emerging as larvae within a week.

This comes after we were warned that sex-crazed spiders are set to invade UK homes as their mating season begins.

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