UK government roasted for getting kids to sing creepy ‘One Britain One Nation’ song 3 months ago

UK government roasted for getting kids to sing creepy ‘One Britain One Nation’ song

Finally, something to unite the nation

This Friday, the government has a plan. A plan, an idea to heal the fractured nation that we live in, to help bring us together after a difficult 15 months.


They're going to get children in schools across the land to sing about how great and wonderful and strong and powerful the United Kingdom is.

And it's real. This isn't a joke. It's not a chapter from 1984. There's no Hunger Games taking place afterwards. This is a real, genuine idea that our government have come up with.

The Department for Education is encouraging children to sing a song called "Strong Britain" as part of celebrations for "One Britain One Nation" day.

The Department for Education is promoting the day as a chance for children to learn about "shared values of tolerance, kindness, pride and respect."


First, listen to the song.

Haunting. Chilling. Creepy. All hail Kim Johnson-Un.

You probably won't be surprised to hear that this has been ridiculed. And in a weird way, it's served its purpose. The nation has been united in its horror at this little tune.

Many made the obvious comparisons with North Korea.



Others were keen to point out that schools in Scotland will actually be on holiday on this day, with the government seeming to forget that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have devolved education systems.


But from Brexiteers to Remainers, lockdown sceptics to Corbynistas, it seems that finally we are united. United in a stomach-churning displeasure at this horrific little ditty.

If you want to learn the words to this song - the tune that will be soundtracking our final march into an Orwellian Black Mirror x The Thick of It crossover episode - then here they are.

Print them off, force your children to learn them, then bow down to our mighty leader, Boris Johnson, as you sing: "We are Britain. And we have one dream."

When will this nightmare end?