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17th Feb 2022

Uber now lets you see how many one-star ratings you’ve racked up

Charlie Herbert

The secret to avoiding that dreaded one-star rating? Just be a decent person

Uber has introduced a new feature that allows users to get a breakdown of their average rating in the app’s new ‘Privacy Centre’ – meaning you’ll be able to see just how many one-star ratings you’ve racked up.

You can find the information in the Uber app by going to the ‘Settings’ menu and clicking ‘Privacy Centre’.

Then, in ‘Privacy Centre’, swipe to the right and click on the ‘Would You Like To See a Summary of How You Use Uber’ tile.

If you scroll down and find the ‘Browse Your Data’ section, you’ll then be able to click ‘View My Ratings’ and find all of the ratings you have been given by drivers.

You won’t be able to know which drivers gave you which ratings though, as these remain anonymous.

Your overall rating is the average you’ve been given by the drivers of your last 500 trips.

Announcing the new feature, Uber said: “Have you ever wondered how you got your Uber rating? How many of your drivers gave you five stars or even one star?

“Now, we’re making it easier than ever to see exactly how your rating is calculated, and for the first time, we’re showing you the good (and the bad) ratings you received.

“Starting today, all Uber users can access a breakdown of their average rating in the Uber app’s new Privacy Centre.

“You’ll see how many drivers gave you a stellar 5-star rating, how many handed out the dreaded single star, and everything in between. ”

The company also provided some tips on how to get a good rating but there’s no secret really – it’s basically just a case of not being a d**k.

Uber’s top tips are to not leave a mess behind in the car, put your seatbelt on, don’t make drivers wait for you, treat your driver with respect and don’t slam the door.

The company has said the move is about transparency.

“The launch of the Privacy Centre, which is available to all users globally, highlights our mission of being a trusted steward of our users’ personal data in every market where we operate,” Uber said.

“By offering more transparency and easier access to your data, we hope this gives you all you need to have a five-star experience on every ride.”

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