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29th May 2018

Two shot dead, more wounded as woman held hostage in Belgium


Anna O'Rourke

Two police officers have reportedly been shot dead in Belgium.

The pair were shot in a hostage incident in the city of Liege, the Belgian national broadcaster has announced.

Police said that they have neutralised the situation and that the man who shot the police officers had also been shot dead, reports The Independent.

It’s reported that another person, a bystander, was also killed and two others were injured.

Christine Defraigne, the president of the Belgian senate, has called the incident a “tragedy.”

“We are learning with horror [of] the Boulevard d’Avroy shooting at #Liège and the death of two police officers on duty. It’s a tragedy,” she tweeted.

“We are wholeheartedly with the forces of law and order who give their lives to protect us, and the families of the victims.”