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01st May 2017

Footage shows aftermath of turbulence on Moscow/Bangkok flight that injured at least 27 people

The pilot did not see the turbulence coming

Conor Heneghan

The Russian Embassy in Thailand say that at least 27 people were injured as a result.

At least 24 Russian nationals and three people from Thailand are said to have been injured as a result of turbulence on board an Aeroflot flight from Moscow to Bangkok.

According to a statement released by the Russian embassy in Bangkok on Monday, at least 27 people were injured as a result of turbulence flight SU270 because they were not wearing their seat belts.

Footage recorded on board the plane by passenger Evgenia Zibrova showed a number of passengers lying in the aisle of the aircraft, while food and drink containers can also be seen strewn across the floor.

Clip via Anna Ledovskikh

All of the injured passengers were taken to hospital with injuries of varying severity – mostly bruises and fractures – while Aeroflot said that reports that passengers suffered compression fractures of the spine were “untrue and completely refuted by doctors”.

In a statement, Aeroflot said that the Boeing 777 was hit by what is known in the aviation industry as “clear air turbulence”, which they say was impossible to predict.

“Its main feature is that it does not occur in the cloud, and in a clear sky with good visibility where the weather radar cannot pick it coming,” the statement read.

“Therefore, it is not possible for the crew to warn passengers of the need to return to their seats.

“Every year in the world of civil aviation about 750 cases of clear air turbulence are recorded.”

A dedicated helpline was set up for relatives of passengers on board the flight to contact the airline, while representatives of Aeroflot, together with employees of the Russian Federation Consulate in Bangkok, are in contact with victims to help them.

Aeroflot added that they will completely cover all of the costs involved in treating the passengers affected.


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